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How To Take Care of Your Winged Liner Set(s)

Posted by The Feisty Chick on

  • Use wings stamps and felt tip liner on clean, dry eyelids or over powdered eyelids (i.e. loose powder or eyeshadow in powder form).
  • Avoid using any cream-based or oil-based eye products or oil-based primer over the eyelids before using the winged liner set.
  • Save for eyeshadow in powder form, use any gel-based or cream-based eyeshadow or thick textured eyeshadow after you have stamped on the wings and lined your eyes.
  • Always place back the caps of the double-headed wing stamps tightly after each use. You should hear a “click” sound if you have fully pushed each side of the cap in. Each cap should be completely flushed with the body of the double-headed wing stamps (i.e. no visible gap) if you have pushed in the cap fully. Please take note in particular for the cap in respect of the left-wing stamp.

If you have any questions, please direct message (DM) us on Instagram or Facebook @thefeistychick!

We hope you enjoy using your winged liner set(s)!


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