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Award-Winning Winged Liner Sets


Introducing Colour Reset.
Removes colour and powder on your brushes instantly without soap or water.


Breathable and Sustainable. #MaskwithStyle


Meet the ultra-soft Perfect Complexion Sponge.


The Feisty Chick Bag. Your ultimate fashion accessory.


Micellar Cleansing Water - Remove Makeup Effortlessly


Browslayer Pencil with powder-like finish.

Winged Liner Set

The Feisty Chick® Winged Liner Set consists of 1 set of double-headed wing stamps (for your left and right eyes) and 1 felt tip liner.

Smudge Proof and Waterproof Formula

The Feisty Chick® Winged Liner Set contains a quick drying, smudge proof and waterproof formula. Try it to love it!

Vegan. Parabens and Cruelty Free

We do not test on animals and our formula for The Winged Liner Set is made of vegan ingredients and without parabens.

Winged Liner Sets

We have created 2 types of wing stamps specially to suit all types of eyes. You will find the Winged Liner Set useful in helping you create flawless wings all day long -  whether you have single eyelids, tapered, hooded eyelids or parallel double eyelids.

The Sassy wing stamps are 7.5 mm in size great for creating bigger and rounder eyes.

The Sleek wing stamps are 9.5 mm and slimmer in size for creating a precise pointed look.

Each Winged Liner Set comprises one set of wing stamps and one felt tip liner.


The Feisty Chick tweed mask has 3 layers of construct for your protection - tweed material as the outer layer which is beautiful to look at; a sewn-in waterproof filter as the second layer and a comfortable poly-viscose material as the innermost layer. Each tweed mask comes with adjustable ear loops and adjustable nose wire for better fit.


The most important feature of a mask (other than effective protection) is all day breathability. The tweed material is porous so it allows air circulation. In addition, the innermost poly-viscose material is not only comfortable against the skin but also promotes proper air circulation when worn.


The Feisty Chick tweed mask contains a sewn-in filter and can be washed and reused. As this is a reusable mask, it is also a more sustainable option than a disposable mask.

What Beauty Gurus Who Have Tried The Winged Liner Set Say

It’s great for busier women who want a quick fuss-free wing. For monolids, I would even just stamp & go, leaving it as a “just the tip” wing. The liner is also water proof, sweat proof, smudge proof...basically monolid proof.

Having used so many eyeliners over the years, I gravitate back to those with the best formulas and precision, not just for myself but also ease of application for my clients.

I totally love The Feisty Chick formula and the intensity. The color is not watered down and it does not run when applied. The new felt tip makes precision so sharp just like using a brush and also it is soft on the lids - which means you will not be hurting your delicate eye lids while having your eyeliner #wingsonfleek!

I’m SOLD on this! <3

Definition and precision is a major factor when drawing the perfect wing liner. Because of these wing stamps, you'll be able to achieve the exact shapes for both left and right eyes!

What about its waterproof ability? I tried the ink on the back of my hands and left it there for 2 days - even though I have bathed and washed my hands with liquid soap a lot of times, the ink and the wing stamps stay well. I have to use makeup remover to remove it well. So it is definitely long lasting!

I think it's easy to use and I've been using it regularly - I like how convenient it has made eyelining become!

Precision is key here, The Feisty Chick winged liner set not only offers a clean finish for your wings, it also makes your eye makeup last all day! This is definitely a win-win situation to offer to all of my bridal clients.

So which is my favourite? Of course the sleek wing stamps for a smooth polished look!

The Feisty Chick Eyeliner stamp is a game changer and makes life so easy because you can wing it and go in jiffy!

These winged liner stamps make life so much easier, especially if you’re rushing for time in the mornings! Just stamp those wings and line from there to get the perfect #wingedliner look!

Messed up wings? Fret not!

My new found love - The Feisty Chick Winged Liner Set - is here to help! All it takes is just 2 seconds for you to stamp the wings at the corner of your eyes and you're ready to go! This is especially useful for ladies who do their makeup on the go (in cars etc.)!

They said never ask a woman with winged eyeliners why she is late. Now you can match your left and right wings with these and not be late anymore!

I got my perfect eyeliner wing-ed without putting in much effort, this is the best eyeliner I ever had!

It’s so easy, yet so simple to achieve sexy wings.  It is smudge and waterproof and I can easily remove with my makeup remover.

Browslayer Pencil

Get perfect powdery brows in seconds!

Each Browslayer Pencil is made with a long-lasting formula that glides on the brows smoothly and finishes with a powder-like effect. It is also made free of parabens.

The Browslayer Pencil does not require any sharpening. Simply unwrap to reveal more formula and you can use all 16.5 cm of the product! 

Available in 2 colours - Chocolate and Seal Brown. 

Winner of the Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2021 - Expert's Choice for Best Eyebrow Pencil

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