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For a small city, we have a lot of options when it comes to beauty – and we’re absolutely not complaining. In fact, when we heard that there are even more beauty brands that are going to be made available to us, we cheered and did a little dance. This is especially when the new brands we have in this list offer some of the most raved about products by international users.


Looking at the gorgeous packaging of The Feisty Chick’s products, you’ll know it’s not hard to fall in love with the brand. But what will make you swoon is their signature product – the Winged Liner Set.

Each of these sets contain wing stamps (for left and right eyes) and one felt tip eyeliner. Using these two tools, you’ll be able to stamp perfect eyeliner wings at the upper corner of each eye and then line the rest of your lash line.

The Feisty Chick Winged Liner Set 2

Two styles of wings are available: Sassy Winged Liner Set (7.5mm long for the perfect cat eye look) and Sleek Winged Liner Set (9.5mm long and slimmer so you can create a precise, pointed look). Created to suit Asian eye shapes, these are exactly what you need to get wings that are on fleek whether you have single, tapered, hooded or double eyelids.

The brand’s website has just gone live a few days ago and they currently only stock this product. Each Winged Liner Set retails at SGD34 and you can purchase them from their website.



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